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What are Intellitraps?

Intelligent wildlife camera traps

Our focus:

Your user experience & Your results

Intellitraps are camera trap systems that  have been designed to give you the best possible user experience. Made of high-quality Swiss components, remotely operated using a friendly phone app, and compatible with your existing camera equipment, you won't look back with an Intellitrap!

photography equipment

If you're like us, you enjoy the experience of simply being out in the wilderness. But when you invest in the time and tools for camera trapping, you're hoping for that magically intimate photograph of a wild animal as it makes its way past your trap. Our cutting-edge sensors have been designed to ensure you get exactly that.

The versatility of Intellitraps opens up whole new possibilities and we hope to see our community of remote wildlife photographers grow as our customers discover the beauty of photographing and monitoring animals without disturbance. 

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